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Sales Outsourcing (Sales-as-a-Service)
Your Local Office, in the heart of Germany, in Estonia, or in Moscow

Imagine having a (second) external sales office in Germany or one of our other active locations, perfectly in sync with your team, but without the heavy costs.

Our Sales-as-a-Service is an outsourcing solution as an alternative to a payrolled employee as sales manager; we act as your strategic partner in navigating the market. With our expert team on your side, you get the benefit of local insights and global best practices, ensuring that your sales efforts are effective and culturally attuned.

We set goals together with you and make our success measurable in numbers. We transparently inform you about our lead generation process, by giving you regular online sales meetings and reports.

Sales Outsourcing
in a Nutshell

Save on the expenses of setting up a physical office while still having a strong local presence.


Lead Generation
Generating Opportunities, Driving Growth

Our lead generation strategies are designed to introduce and establish your new products in the market. Using diverse channels, we create opportunities that convert, ensuring your products make a mark in the industry.

 We use a mix of traditional and digital channels to reach your ideal customers, generating high-quality leads that drive sales and growth. The main channels we see working in our target markets:

  • The classical way with regular visits (offline or online via Teams/Zoom, depending on clients' preferences)
  • Phone calls, cold & warm
  • Online, by setting up landing pages & websites
  • Via LinkedIn
  • In online seminars, events, presentations

Lead Generation
in a Nutshell

Connect with your ideal customers through tailored lead generation strategies.

Key Account Management
Fostering Long-Term Customer Relationships

Key account management is focused on the long run; it's about building lasting relationships. We manage and expand your relationship with important clients, focusing on long-term growth and sustained success in specific market segments.

Our Key Account Management service is about identifying, nurturing and growing your most important customers in the market. We tend to your clients' needs and strive to deliver more value than expected through exceptional communication and availability, fostering loyalty and ongoing business success.

Key Account Management
in a Nutshell

Strengthen your relationships with key clients through personalized attention.


Web Presence Management
Crafting Your Local-Language Digital Footprint

In today's digital age, an impactful web presence is crucial. That comprises local websites, landing pages, newsletters, and LinkedIn content, we craft digital experiences that connect with your audience, to effectively facilitate passive lead generation. We combine sales and marketing seamlessly. Some call it Smarketing already.

Elevate your online identity and ulilize our online toolset. With our web design team (, we create visually appealing and search-engine-optimized websites or landing pages.

We also use Linkedin Sales Navigator as research tool for lead generation, Hubspot for targeted digital marketing campaigns, and Microsoft Teams and Zoom for online meetings and events.


Web Presence Management
in a Nutshell

The right local-language passive lead generation channel to maximize market entry success.

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