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We represent your company, on your behalf, with your values and your interests at heart.

No misunderstandings, no costly mistakes - we speak your language and the language of your local customers.

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We offer sales outsourcing and broad localization solutions for Russia. We do this primarily for industrial companies from Western Europe. Due to our technical expertise for energy systems and balance-of-plant process equipment, we extend our coverage to areas such as German-speaking countries, Benelux, the UK, and all of Western Europe.

It is important to our clients that we combine business development, sales, strategic consulting, marketing, certifications, sourcing, contract manufacturing, production monitoring, and after-sales service into a compelling professional package.


Our team combines charismatic sales expertise with excellent knowledge of Russia and local staff. Nowadays, we feel it is natural to support the sales process online and with electronic tools. We use digital content and systems efficiently to achieve results.

Outsourcing your sales team to us saves you the time and expense that would be associated with hiring your own employee while providing all the benefits of direct hire. We integrate seamlessly into your company and existing processes.


"We differentiate ourselves from other companies by the breadth of our industrial network and the depth of our technical understanding. We place great value on long-term customer relationships."

All members of our team of experts have at least ten years of work experience in multinational companies of German, Dutch or American origin. They occupied management positions there either in sales, project management, or purchasing. Some of our team members have been managing representative offices or branches of Western parent companies in Russia for many years.


"We have particularly strong networks in the power plant, chemical, oil and gas, bulk materials and food market sectors."

  • We keep flat structures, zero administrative clutter
  • We guarantee swift response times
  • We feel at home in high levels of compliance standards
  • We do not compromise on quality

Your local branch, as-a-Service

You have the option of using our team and facilities in Cologne or Moscow as a local equivalent to your own branch office. With significantly lower costs, easier control, and higher flexibility.

Full Sales & Key Account Management

Our employees take care of the entire sales cycle, from strategic business development and customer acquisition to closing the deal.
Part of Team

We work as Part of Your Organization

We do not usually offer a traditional agency model, but choose a different approach to working as part of our clients' organization, indistinguishable from a local agency or branch.

Consulting & Project Management

Our experience and local presence makes us a strong partner for consulting and project management, e.g. for M&A, improved communication with company parts, interim management, or an outsourced general manager function for an existing local office.


BS International GmbH
German Office
Ringstraße 53
50354 Hürth

email: info@bsinter.de
Phone: +49 2233 9484947
BS International is a team of experts, consisting of consultants, marketing & sales specialists, project managers and purchasing professionals. Whether you need a reliable sales manager, an extension of your organization in Europe, or consulting expertise for Russia-related projects, stand-alone certification, import/export, or sourcing service, we are your partner.
BS International GmbH
Ringstraße 53
50354 Cologne / Hürth



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