About us: The Personal Approach

We represent your company, on your behalf, with your values and your interests at heart. 

We connect. Countries. Departments. Companies. Individuals. We speak your language and the language of your local customers.

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Our Story

Every managing partner and senior expert in BS International has at least 10 years of executive experience in a large multinational corporation. This is also, where many of us first met and started working together, running local branch offices in high-growth territories for global companies headquartered in The Netherlands, Austria, Canada, and US.

A decade later, as a team, we bring exceptional sales outsourcing and localization solutions to foreign companies targeting the German, Swiss, Austrian, Dutch, Belgian, Baltic, Nordic, Russian, and Ukrainian markets. 

We do this primarily for small and medium-sized industrial companies, offering services, engineered apparatus, or products for chemical, process industries, or power plants.

We combine business development, sales, strategic consulting, marketing, certifications, sourcing, contract manufacturing, production monitoring, and after-sales service into a compelling professional package.

Cologne Roots

Founded in the south of Cologne in Germany in 2014, our story began with a focus on Russia as a target market. We established a branch office in Moscow that time, building sales for Western companies wanting to expand into Russia and Eurasia.

In recent years, we expanded and refocused on the markets of Germany, the Nordics, and the Netherlands. We are committed to delivering localized, culturally attuned sales solutions for German-speaking, Dutch-speaking, and Russian-speaking Markets. 

We combine consultative selling expertise with local insights, ensuring that each interaction with your potential clients is not just a transaction, but a step towards a lasting relationship.


Our Team

Our Team

Our team is a blend of sales professionals and project managers. Your engagement will receive a dedicated specialist, who is always available for questions. With us, you save the time and costs of hiring in-house, while keeping all the benefits of a direct hire. We integrate smoothly into your company, enhancing your existing processes.

Our Expertise

Our Expertise

We stand out with our extensive industrial network and deep technical understanding. Our seniors mentor the younger members of the team, ensuring knowledge transfer and availability, while we facilitate easy and quick communication.

Our Focus

Our Focus

  • We keep flat structures, zero administrative clutter
  • We guarantee swift response times
  • We feel at home in high levels of compliance standards
  • We do not compromise on quality


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