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We take care of Your Web Presence.

Turn-key Website creation

Building great websites is what we love. In Russia, as in any other part of the world, a website is your electronic business card. It is most likely to be the first bit of information about you a potential customer sees. You have one shot to leave a good first impression. Well-written texts are a must and the presented content should be targeted to Your audiences. We create such websites to make visitors feel at home, and convey the corporate message and branding of our client. We have the design skills, writing experience and industry knowledge to grab the attention of your visitors and keep them engaged with your site.

Websites & Landing Pages

Websites & Landing Pages

We create beautiful websites for European companies, who like to create an online entrance ticket to the Russian market. We create custom pages on content management platforms to make them easily updatable.
Video / Voice-Over

Video Voice-Over & Editing

Take your strongest business videos and make them Russian. We change your videos with Russian speech overlays, done with professional studio equipment and natively Russian-speaking male or female voice actors.
Mobile / Responsive

Mobile / Responsive

Everything we build is responsive/mobile friendly. These days, having a mobile-friendly site is critically important, especially in Russia, where a large part of the audience prefers mobile devices over computers for website checking.
Support / Complete Care

Support / Complete Care

We provide contiuous support to make sure that you have someone to call/email, whenever you have a website need. This person will be perfectly communicating in English with you, but will take care of any website change to be done by a Russian native writer.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimized (SEO)

We help to make the newly generated Russian site rank high in Russia’s most prominent search engine Yandex (more than 50% of internet users in Russia use Yandex as main search tool). We also do traditional Google optimization methods, of course (Google is second place behind Yandex in Russia). We will fit your website with the right sized boots to help it climb the search engine placement ladder.
Not only Russian

Not only Russian

Our Websites are not ONLY in Russian. We served clients already with websites in English, French, German, and Dutch. All with the same care and the same turn-key package price.

How do we work?

We start off by having an online meeting with you, via Zoom or Skype. In this kick-off meeting we will discuss what your business is about, what your needs are in relation to the new website, and the targets the website should achieve for you. From there, we start working on the technical and design side of things. Our web team likes to keep agile in project management to meet your needs in the best way possible. A typical website creation project with us will take about a month to complete.

Video / Voice-Over

We use content management systems (CMS) for your convenience in editing later

We use either Wordpress or Joomla as CMS to create your site backbone, to make it easy for yourself to change texts or pictures later, once the site is set up properly. Within our team, we prefer Joomla over Wordpress, but the choice of CMS is ultimately up to you.
GDPR ready

Always GDPR ready

We create lawyer-checked, up-to-date legal notices, and data protection & privacy information. Also, cookie-warning banners are placed, to be safe of any claims concerning data protection law violations.
Hosting | Maintenance | Analytics

Hosting, maintenance, and Analytics reports included

We offer competitive website hosting at Europe's largest and best-serviced webspace provider, domains with .com, .de, .ru, .nl, or other endings, as well as maintenance and updating, so you don’t have to worry about your site and can get back to running your business. Additionally, we provide you with usage and visitor reports regularly, if you choose to implement Google Analytics and/or Yandex Metrika with us.


Take a look at some examples of the work we have done so far for clients in different languages and setups. (Russian)
Flares | Oil & Gas (Russian) (German | French | English) (Russian) (Russian) (Russian) (German) (English | German | Dutch) (Russian) (German)


Price packages in different flavors. See what it costs to create your Russian website with us. All packages are priced below as turn-key, one-time payment for creation. They all come with hosting on German servers, SSL, update & maintenance service, and one domain free of choice. Costs for these services are € 35 / month.

Video / Voice-Over

Single Page

This package is the perfect choice for all landing pages, event pages, or product marketing pages, as well as CV or freelancer pages.

  • One continuous page
  • One product to market
  • Texts in one language (if Russian, we take care of translations)
  • Google- and Yandex-optimized
€ 800 (one-time fee)

Or purchase as Website-as-a-Service for € 30 / month.
Multi-Page, House-Style

Multi-Page, House-Style

This package is ideal for a multi-language setup, or for a page with several products to market. If we can lean on the house-style design and branding of an existing page, we will set color schemes, structures and look and feel the house-style way.

  • Up to 10 separate pages
  • Picture and video material reused from European page
  • Multiple products can be introduced
  • Google- and Yandex-optimized

€ 2500 (one-time fee)

Or purchase as Website-as-a-Service for € 100 / month.
Hosting | Maintenance | Analytics


This package creates a website for you from scratch, fully custom-made, with three Mockups to discuss design options, Photoshop enhancement of picture material, content creation, and everything else you need.

  • Unlimited pages
  • Design drafting & selection
  • Text drafted & discussed for approval
  • Professional photo material included
  • Consulting on Russian audience and target client reach included
  • Google- and Yandex-optimized

€ 3500 (one-time fee)

Or purchase as Website-as-a-Service for € 150 / month.

Website-as-a-service-packages include continuous updating and changes according to your wishes and posting emailed articles for regular content changes. All Website-as-a-Service packages require an upfront one-time setup fee of € 200.

Full Money-Back-Guarantee

For all website-packages, we guarantee your satisfaction with the result of your pages with us. Should you not be satisfied after completion, we return your money in full!

Complete Your Website with a Virtual Office

Our virtual office package enables you to handle client requests generated by your website locally from Moscow. Your site will receive a Moscow phone number to contact, with a real person, a Russian native speaker, answering the phone to take clients' requests. It includes an email-adress, on which clients will receive a first response to all questions in Russian. The client questions will be translated and relayed to you for further handling. A postal address with scan service for incoming hardcopy mail is also part of the service.
Virtual office

Virtual Office in Moscow

With our virtual office package, we provide a postal address in Moscow, a front-line phone number and Russian email address with secretary service. A phone contact possibility with a friendly, real-life Russian-speaking contact person is the key to success if you want to generate real business for you in Russia with your website. If needed, you will also have the possibility to use a meeting room at your address.
Website combination

Strong combination with Russian Website

Your website gets a real voice and face for interested clients to contact.
For a reasonable price

For a reasonable price

Annual costs for the virtual office supplement option to your website, for postal address, email, and phone services, are:

€ 100 / month

Minimal Hassle.
Great Value-for-Money.
Maximized Effectiveness.

IONOS partner
All prices mentioned are excluding VAT or any other government taxes and fees, which might apply, depending on your country of origin.
BS International is a team of experts, consisting of consultants, marketing & sales specialists, project managers and purchasing professionals. Whether you need a reliable sales manager, an extension of your organization in Europe, or consulting expertise for Russia-related projects, stand-alone certification, import/export, or sourcing service, we are your partner.
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