Digital Lead Management

Doing professional Sales without digital tools and channels to engage in your verticals is not strong enough anymore. Generating leads via professional online networks and social media has become a vital sales tool, also for industrial companies. The likes of Linkedin, Xing,, and VK are not to be ignored in your marketing and lead generation strategy. Use us to successfully generate an outsourced lead generation machine for Russia. Let us use these network tools effectively for you.

Effective in an increasingly digitalized post-COVID19 world are also our professionally moderated online events and webinars, which we organize for our partners to reach their clients in Russia the easiest and most cost-effective.

Sales has become Digital | Online Events | Social Networks


Digital Lead Management

Together with our partner Leadwunder GmbH as a specialist in this field, we offer digital lead management and lead generation campaigns in social media and search engines specifically for Russia. In this context, we also offer profiling and maintenance services and take care of regular, new relevant content on social media platforms in Russia. In addition to the Russian language, we can create content from native speakers in English, German and Dutch. We maintain business networks like Linkedin, Xing, and social networks like VKontakte, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. Our service is priced monthly, or in a fixed price package for a limited-time campaign. The price is depending on the effort intensity you would like to invest.

Interactive Online Events

We can support you with a Russian speaking host and translator, on multiple platforms, in virtual events, webinars and professional online sales meetings.

We can create virtual events that allow attendees to interact, learn from, and engage with one another – events that match in-person versions. Presenters can join and participate from anywhere in the world from the comfort of their home or office, allowing you to reach a wider audience and cut travel costs for your own experts. You can also measure the success of your virtual events easily and track leads generated from it.

We combine the comfortable platform Zoom with tailor-made apps and landing pages, all in Russian and English to conveniently let the audience engage.

Online Marketing Tool Box

Please have a look at the tools we use to generate your leads online and maximize outreach impact for you.

  • We use Hubspot as CRM in the background, with regular detailed reporting for you.
  • We set up, optimize, and control your social media profiles in Russian.
  • We generate regular Quality Content, tailored to your target group in Russia
  • We set up Landing Pages to inform and capture your Russian target group, when they got interested and clicked on a social media post.
  • We also perform a gatekeeper function to separate the interesting leads from the irrelevant
  • We guarantee highly professional communication with your potential customers, with Russian native speakers
  • We build up a database of contacts online for you to access, and regularly reach out to this generated professional audience with marketing efforts, newsletters, webinars.

Would you like to know more?

BS International is a team of experts, consisting of sales specialists, project managers and purchasing professionals. Whether you need a reliable sales team, an extension of your organization into the Russian territory, or stand-alone certification, import/export, or sourcing service, BS Inter is your partner. We specialize in marketing, selling and/or locally producing engineered products from Western companies in Russia and other CIS countries.

Your Partner for Russia.

BS International
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