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Our core business is to act as a local office. We do that for industrial companies and providers of engineered products. The idea is to provide you with a direct presence in the country, the same as an own office would, but without the fixed costs, drawbacks, and inflexibilities that are inevitably coming with that.

What you can expect from us is comparable to what you would expect from a sales manager on your own payroll. However, with the benefits of saving you effort, time, and money:
  • no legal steps for work permits required
  • no entity setup costs and time loss
  • no office rent
  • no HR having to get familiar with Russian labor law

We are not an Agent or Distributor

We work in the role of a sales manager of your own organization. We do not present ourselves as a 3rd party or middleman to your clients.

Traders, agents, and distributors operate as a different organization. They use their own names and structures in communications around your product. End clients are usually not happy working with an intermediary. They prefer to be in contact with the company providing the actual product or service. This is where we come into play.
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We provide Flexibility

You are the one to determine the effort level for our activity. Do you need a full-time sales manager dedicated to you? Or two full-timers? Or do you need only 5 hours per week for your market entry strategy? Testing, upscaling or downscaling time and costs is easy and hassle-free with us.

Especially for smaller organizations, setting up an office, or hiring a full-time sales manager is costly. Employment laws in Russia are inflexible. On the other hand, classical agents are notoriously mistrusted. We give you a 3rd, a modern way to set up sales in a new territory.

Local Russian Experience

We have an accomplished sales team at your disposal. Our team members have extensive language capabilities, able to speak to your customers and prospects in native Russian, while communicating with your team in Europe in English, German, or Dutch. Our location in Moscow is conveniently placed for sales travel throughout the country.

Lead Generation

We love generating leads for products new to the market. We learn everything there is to know about your product to be successful in selling it, then develop a strategy fitting to the Russian target audience, and cross-check this strategy. Then we implement and hunt for leads. We do that in many ways and use a variety of channels:
  • the classical way with regular visits
  • phone calls, cold & warm
  • online, by setting up landing pages & websites
  • via social networks
  • in online seminars, events, presentations

We set goals together with you and make our success measurable in numbers. We are transparently informing you about our lead generation process, by giving you regular online sales meetings and reports.

Key Account Management

We are not only hunters for leads, but also caring farmers. The industries we are focussing on in Russia are dominated in every segment by a number of well-positioned companies. Key market players are design institutes, EPC-contractors, and end-user organizations, all having a share of influence on the purchasing decision, even if only one of them is the buyer at the end. We take care of all these players in parallel, on a long-term basis. Our existing contacts help us expanding networks to make them specifically useful for you and your product-market-combination. Building and maintaining high-level relationships is our daily business.
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BS International is a team of experts, consisting of consultants, marketing & sales specialists, project managers and purchasing professionals. Whether you need a reliable sales manager, an extension of your organization in Europe, or consulting expertise for Russia-related projects, stand-alone certification, import/export, or sourcing service, we are your partner.
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