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Project Management Services

Projects in Russia are complex. Whether it is an equipment delivery involving local content/production or an engineered product fully manufactured abroad, it always involves several Russian market players. Next to the traditional end-user/EPC combination, there is a design institute to take care of, which plays a key role in receiving technical acceptance of your product.

Russian customers and design institutes are demanding in frequency of communication. A lot of communication and care is needed, partly due to a high level of bureaucracy. It is necessary to provide the right document at the right time to move forward. We keep track and take care of these needs, avoiding pitfalls for you and being an always available Russian-speaking contact point for your customer. In this position we also effectively act as a gatekeeper to minimise your organisation's engineering hour spending.

We also deliver project management services on stand-alone project basis, which is ideal for customers who already have a representation set up in the Russian market. These customers can significantly reduce costs by engaging us for their project at a fixed price. Clear costs, no risks, directly linked to the project. Western companies rely on these services to localise in crisis times without own staff, being able to serve their existing Russian customer base further.

Import, Export & Logistics

  • Import and export of technical equipment
  • Document management for customs clearance
  • Transport door-to-door, domestic and abroad

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Extensive Experience

Our extensive operating experience helps to avoid unnecessarily high costs and allows project planning, which takes into account all local regulations and standards. We purchase and subcontract locally for our clients, control local production, and monitor quality continuously for you.

Our team performs cross-border project management since more than decade. We can estimate our costs precisely to reliably deliver the best possible price packages.

Of course, we guarantee highest compliance standards in projects supervised by us.

Supplier Management

Communication in local language and market know-how allow us to find the needed workshops to produce equipment according to your design, and to function as interface and gate keeper. Our services include:

  • Quality control
  • Status checks
  • Time management / expediting
  • Document checks during final inspections, to thoroughly ensure GOST (or ASME, or EN) compliance
  • Creation of photo reports during production and at production hold points, to secure full overview for our customers, without travel costs


We manage all certifications that need to be obtained to deliver your product to Russia. TR CU declarations and certifications (for Eurasian Customs Union countries Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyztan) with 5-year validity can be obtained via us in a turn-key package, including document translations, organization of inspection visits of the notified body, and everything that has to be handled for your specific case.
BS International is a team of experts, consisting of consultants, marketing & sales specialists, project managers and purchasing professionals. Whether you need a reliable sales manager, an extension of your organization in Europe, or consulting expertise for Russia-related projects, stand-alone certification, import/export, or sourcing service, we are your partner.
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