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Local Russian Sales Support

With offices in Moscow and Cologne, BS International has a sales team with far reaching and well established networks. We organise and monitor the sales of your products locally in Russia. See us as an extension of your sales department. As integrated in your organisation as you want us to be, always in reach, always available to take care of your Russian clients.

Industry Focus

Our unique feature is our strong industry focus. Our success is based on our network, which is strongest in these Russian industries:

  • power plant equipment
  • oil & gas equipment (downstream & upstream)
  • steel and heavy machinery
  • chemical & food industry equipment
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Sales Service Packages

Next to the full package of exclusive representation of your brand and products in Russia as your remote sales department, we also provide various degrees less integrated forms of services, turn-key service packages to purchase in smaller modules. These are for example:

  • Strategic business development projects
  • Lead generation projects
  • Targeted market analyses and market monitoring
  • Realistic turnover target planning
  • Business plan creation
  • Trade show organisation
  • much more, tailored to your needs

Key Account Management

The industries we are focussing on in Russia are dominated in every segment by a handful of well positioned companies. Key market players are design institutes, EPC-contractors, and specific end users preferring to purchase equipment directly. Our existing contacts help us expanding networks to make them specific for you as prospective customer, to find the key contacts for your products or services. We are experts in building and maintaining high level relationships.

Legal Support during the Sales Process

For legal services needed by us and our customers during our sales endeavours, we work together with our partner Juralink. Their services include:

  • Drafting or reviewing Russian or bilingual contracts by legal advisors and lawyers
  • Advising on registration and protection of Intellectual property rights under Russian law
  • Claim management, risk review (due diligence), mortgage and collaterals
  • Representing parties in Russian court (e.g. debt collection)
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Our Exclusive Representations & Sales Outsourcing Clients

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BS International is a team of experts, consisting of project specialists, sales managers and purchasing professionals. Whether you need a reliable sales representative, an extension of your organization into the Russian territory, or stand-alone certification, import/export, or sourcing service, BS Inter is your partner. We specialize in marketing, selling and locally producing engineered products from Western companies in Russia and other CIS countries.

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